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That was supposed to be a picture of me on a corporate jet
Left: My collegues and I getting a ride home on
an AT&T corporate jet after the WTC collapse. 
Left to right: Michael Kocheisen, Stu Gannes, 
myself, and Andres Graf.

Hobbies Im currently improving my wood working skills. Ive been building double-sided bookshelves on wheels for my garage. Still not done, but the four Ive built so far really help to organize things. Most are built now I'm working on building molding for them so they look even better than they should for a garage.

I also take underwater pictures.

I've been writing a fair bit of code lately. I'm slowly creating a cheat sheet of some coding tricks I'm using. Frankly they're mostly simple, but folks might find them somewhat helpful.

Career I've been working on internet marketing and occasional consulting since founding DealCloset in 2003. AT&T gave me the seed money and impetus to start DealCloset and it has been a consistently happy surprise.

Currently (October 2010 - December 2010) I'm more formally learning the details of machine learning and data mining that I've used throughout my career. Some examples: I typically work as an Engineering VP, Engineering Director or Engineering Manager, although I have also been a system architect and a product manager.
I have deep technical knowlege:

Heres my Resume
I can be reached at scarrico(put an at here)

Chad Carrico:
Current resume in pdf
Zip'ed word version of resume

That was supposed to be a picture of Chad Hobbies I love to read books; the origin of Sandras need to build bookshelves. I even have my old cheap college books which we both use occasionally. Im also becoming a pretty good cook, which of course leads to more books:)
Career I'm currently working at NetIQ managing engineering and engineering services.

Heres my Resume
I can be reached at ccarrico(@)

Blake Carrico

Blake passed away 2/6/2006 from complications of sarcoma of the spleen. Here are a few pictures of Blake and his new friend Taizen -- Sandra That was supposed to be a picture of Blake

Hobbies Chasing squirrels. Fetching plastic toys. Sleeping on the couch or bed

Career Im retired from the show circuit. Im not looking for any work beyond keeping Sandra company when she builds stuff, and howling when she uses the router. I'm very good at keeping squirrels out of the yard. Only one or two will even try to enter, and they stay on the tops of the fence due to my patrol.

Once I traveled extensively on the show circuit. Hotels, airplanes, long drives in rental cars...I don't know how my reservations were made, but I hope they were travelosity or expidia reservations. I'm told that it's best to get cheap air fare, but I don't care as long as I can travel. I'd like to try cruises, but even cheap cruises wont take me.

I've stayed recently in Marriott hotels in San Francisco. Quite nice. I've even stayed in some nice hotels in New York. The trouble with New York hotels is that I need to stay in a kennel. At the Marriott I sleep on the bed, very civilized.

I've been doing other shopping lately. I have a fondness for cars and I found a great place for discount tires. There is no reason for me to not have my own car and driver now. Motorcycle tires and atv-tires.html are hard to find, but I even have a handle on those. Rides every day! That's what I want! Rides and kibble. Kibble and rides. Tires must have tires!

I recently order a dvd recorder. Before buying I researched extensively. I wanted a progressive scan dvd recorder that handled dvd-r, dvd-rw, and dvd+rw. I considered dvd-ram, but decided against it. I ended up buying a sony dvd recorder after reading these dvd recorder reviews .

Finally, I've been sleeping on the bed a lot lately. Now I suppose most dogs can live with typical sheets. But I really have a fondness for luxury bedding. I'm trying to get some high thread count sheets. I understand there are 1000, 800, and 750 count sheets there. Aren't I worth it? Heck you don't even have to pay much, get discount bedding. They have great deals on high quality bedding.

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