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15+ years experience covering the entire product life cycle including engineering management, architecture, design, development, QA and creating engineering and marketing requirements.  Leadership emphasizes a pragmatic approach with a flexible bias towards agile development.  Projects include large scale efforts working with geographically dispersed groups and small and focused projects. For example, I have led development on SaaS type applications, web based applications and enterprise software.  Some selected accomplishments and skills:

·         Experienced in leading code reviews and reviewing direct report’s code. 

·         Scrum Master Certified, Product Owner Certified.

·         Led senior software development engineers to invent and deliver on a schedule.

·         Migrated development process of early stage start ups to more mature processes.

·         Led code reviews and reviewed direct report’s code. 

·         Contributed to and studied requirements for high availability of the 5ESS switch.

·         Experienced in first and second line management, including budget responsibility, and P&L.

·         Broad business experience including creation of business plans, financial plans, international and domestic product rollout, sales training, customer training, and pricing.

·         Filed one or more patents at several companies (3 granted).




Search Engine Optimization & Selected Engineering Consulting Contracts      2003-Present


DealCloset (Role: Founder)                                                                                       2003 - Present

Created, coded, and launched search engine optimization based affiliate marketing business.  Web sites are Linux based with code written in C, Perl, Python, XML, HTML, and shell scripts. 

·         HTML composed in vi editor or generated with proprietary software.

·         Created and hosted search function for millions of retail products

·         Leveraged text summarization research for review site

·         Recognized as significant affiliate (BeFree performance partner) in 6 months


Ennovationz (Role: Software Engineering Consultant)                                          2009 - Present

Coded, tested, and selected all components for an energy monitoring system.  System leveraged Ted 5000 and used Perl scripts to retrieve energy consumption data approximately every second.  Data aggregated to a central server.  Design included provision for massive scaling.


Carnus Systems (Role: VP Engineering)                                                                  2005 – 2007   

Created product roadmap and led engineering effort for first product, a demand forecasting system for the hospitality industry.  Product is a hosted .NET ASP application using machine learning for its predictions.


AOL Time Warner                                                                                                        2003 – 2004

Senior Engineering Manager/Systems Architect

Managed group of eight distributed locally and in Virginia.  Responsible for defining the process and architecting the code that measured the availability and latency of all AOL products.  (AOL products are a mixture of Unix, Windows, and web applications.)  Architectural issues included:


Engineering Consulting                                                                                      2002-2003

Habitat for Humanity (Role: Web Services Architect)                                      

Designed and implemented .NET Web Services/Sql Server solution to manage support and distribution of computers in homes of Peninsula Habitat for Humanity families.


Taproot Foundation/Start Up East Palo Alto (Role: Grant Manager)           

Led metrics collecting and reporting database initiative.  Managed schedule, technical contributors and requirements.


AT&T LABS, Menlo Park                                                                                                2000-2002

District Manager (equivalent to Director of Engineering)

Responsible for day-to-day management (~10 reports) of hardware and software team, including $5 Million budget, group project selection and direction, contract negotiation, financial plans, and go-to market plans.

·         Led VoIP devices group that included members from the UK, Virginia, NJ, and CA.  The results informed AT&T, Concert, and British Telephone’s (BT) VoIP infrastructure decisions.

·         Second line management of messaging software:

o       Development split between CA and NJ. 

o       Code deployed across two companies, and threes units: PocketNet, WorldNet, and AGNS.

·         Participated in research for IPSec hardware device and XScale evaluation board and assured potential for commercialization.

·         Applied for two patents in IPSec security space that impact many new IPSec hardware devices.

·         Co-wrote the business plan that set the standard for independent spin-offs of research efforts.

·         Led creation, and inspected boot driver code of a powerful wearable XScale evaluation board, to enables software sales into the embedded, telematics, handheld, and wearable space.

·         Projects used/involved: Unix, C, C++, speech, FPGA’s, board design, VoiceXML & board layout.


AURIGIN SYSTEMS, Cupertino, CA                                                                            1998-2000

Director, Engineering

Senior engineering director at a 70 person pre-IPO startup managing both individual contributors and first line managers (~14 reports).  Their responsibilities included development of the GUI, server, documentation, QA, second line support, and consulting projects.

·         Managed offshore development integrating portion of flag ship product and third party application: Shipped on time on budget.

·         Managed software development and documentation teams to produce a complete product for 5 releases at Aurigin.  Managed QA for four of those five releases.

·         One release shipped one month early, all other releases shipped within one month of deadline.

·         Managed all product development aspects of a web based annotation product including invention, development and product management (patent pending, proprietary).

·         Optimized existing infrastructure for Software as a Service (SaaS) application: Increased quality of service for patent delivery, remote searching, and patent citation tree generation.  Co-led initiatives requiring coordination between, engineering teams, operations, support and marketing.

·         Projects used/involved: MFC, C++, COM, DCOM, customization of IE 5.0, SQL server, and VB.





RATIONAL SOFTWARE, Cupertino, CA                                                                     1994-1998

Product Manager

Provided full product marketing and product management services for Rose Developer, Rational Apex C/C++, and Apex Duo.  These responsibilities include product definition, requirements, beta programs, creation of training material, sales training, customer presentations and demos, launch, advertisement, seminars and direct mail.

·         Simultaneously launched Rational Apex C/C++ & Rational Apex Duo in Europe, Asia, and North America at Rational: Surpassed sales forecast by a factor of 6.

·         Established co-marketing relationships and negotiated OEM rights for software worth $250,000.

·         Prototyped initial Apex C/C++ Java extensions and then managed the engineering effort for Rational Rose C/C++ & Apex C/C++ integration.

·         Project used/involved: C, C++, embedded systems, RTOS’s, Java.


AT&T BELL LABS, Naperville, IL                                                                                 1986-1994

Member of Technical Staff

Software Production Research (SPR) - Project manager: Re-engineering and technology transfer

·         Participated in projects that studied and improved processes associated with large scale software development

·         Bridged gap between ad-hoc research development style, and highly structured software development environment of 5ESS.

·         Provided unifying vision from technical and organizational perspective producing a product on time and useful for all four user communities.

·         Contributed to work on automatic generation of tests from specifications, reorganization of 80,000 employees, and on visualizing large data sets.

·         Delivered product adhering to 5ESS high availability standards, which improved every database integrity constraint for the 5ESS.

·         Planned and scheduled technical activities across 3 disparate departments in two states facilitating success of a project that failed three previous times. 

·         Set work assignments for 9 project members, optimizing team's activities to produce maximum product functionality without sacrificing team morale.


Software Systems and Technologies - Technical leader: New 4GL for protocol testing

·         Improved tools infrastructure to enhance high availability requirements for 5ESS switch.

·         Lead the development of a patented protocol message level test system that is used to test GSM switches today.

·         Provided intermediate milestones for other project members: Delivered on-time.

Advanced Software Technology - Software developer: 4GL for call processing testing

·         Implemented a language to support call-processing testing in the automated testing system

Networking Software - User interface designer: Versions 3.1 – 3.3 AT&T STARLAN Router.




Master of Science in Computer Science: University of Illinois; Urbana, IL

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Northwestern University, McCormick School of Engineering; Evanston IL

Leadership Development Program (AT&T sponsored executive MBA), 2001

Problem solving leadership (PSL) 2000

No less than 100 hours per year in continuing education.