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Accomplished leader in software engineering management and application development with a proven track record in delivering quality enterprise software applications.  Background includes extensive experience in delivering complex state of the art solutions for effectively and efficiently managing IT infrastructure.  Strengths include a unique combination of interpersonal and technical skills, cross-functional team building and experience in all phases of the product development lifecycle.  Successfully defined and directed large scale technical and software projects including recruiting, staffing, scheduling, project proposals and strategies, and personnel management.   




Tripwire Inc, Portland OR                                                                                            2006 – Present

Director of Software Engineering

Responsible for development of the flagship product, Tripwire Enterprise(TE), the premier change audit and configuration assessment platform (currently approximately a 43 person organization)

  • Grew both onshore and offshore development teams by significant margins. (onshore team increased by ~33%,  added ~20 offshore developers, roughly 5x of its original size) – this allowed addition two new product lines:  Configuration assessment and virtual infrastructure management
  • Significant success in integrating offshore development teams with onshore resources (established system of mentors, and used extensive onshore visits to apprentice offshore developers).
  • Migrated development to agile style processes (4 major releases, 2 maintenance releases all on schedule over the past 2.5 years) – including major domain additions of configuration assessment, virtualization infrastructure monitoring, and real-time change monitoring.
  • Established the Configuration Assessment team (20 offshore developers and testers, 4 onshore analysts and a program manager) over a 6 month period.  The team has made Tripwire the market leader in configuration assessment content development.
  • Currently responsible for TE product development (onshore/offshore), TE platform development, Test Automation, SCM, and Tech Pubs
  • Responsible for managing relationships with a variety of external partners (e.g. Agilis, WiPro…)
  • Improvements to TE maintenance – established patch and minor release processes, oversight boards for escalations, escalation stand-ups between tech support and level 3 support teams.


NetIQ, San Jose, CA                                                                                                   2000 – 2006

Senior Manager Software Development (2004 – 2006)

Promoted to lead AppManager core development and product releases supervising three line-engineering managers and 36 software developers (approximately $100 million in annual revenue, and a $20 million R&D budget).

·         Defined project management process including all development phases, deliverables, signoffs, metrics, local release, bug tracking and other variables in the product release process and life cycle.

·         Responsible for delivery of AppManager releases over the prior two years, which included negotiating requirements and final content with Product Management as well as coordinating field requested content for release.

·         Oversaw the release of the next generation UI/console for AppManager (Control Center) which introduced significant scalability and usability enhancements.

·         Directed all patch, service pack, currency, and maintenance releases over the past three years.

·         Reorganized AppManager core engineering organization including the transition of application development to the Raleigh lab allowing organizational focus on UI and core technology, established a common component team responsible for creating UI development framework adopted as the corporate standard.

Senior Manager Software Development (2004 – 2006) (cont.)

·         Created a forward looking architecture and design group from senior engineering staff which delivered them key design concepts for the latest version of AppManager.

·         As member of Corporate Architecture Review Board determined technological direction, architectural framework for product development, and shared component development.

·         Scoping and planning for Service Level Management product initiatives, and future development roadmaps.

·         Responsible for planning and transition of AppManager core development to outsourcing partners in India

Senior Manager Engineering Services (2002 – 2004)

·         Managed Build/Release team (3 line mgrs, 3 reports), Continuing Engineering team (line mgr., 14 engineers), which resolved customer issues and produced bug fixes for AM and applications

·         Led Information Development team (1 line mgr., 7 writers), which produced application documentation, Quality Engineering (line mgr., 32 engineers) and Application Development (8 engineers). 

·         Oversaw engineering tiger teams addressing high priority customer issues.

·         Defined AppManager service pack and maintenance release process.

Manager Build/Release (2001 – 2002)

·         Directed team in the complete re-architecture of the AM build process resulting in the inclusion of ghost images of all build platforms, disaster recovery process, network independent build, nightly build with smoke test infrastructure and web accessible logging, early warning on source code check-ins, better documentation and discipline and complete library of 3rd party dependencies placed under source control.

Staff Software Engineer (2000 – 2001)

·         Developed and designed connector architecture that improved scalability, performance, reliability and usability.

·         Developed AppManager connectivity solutions for several 3rd party platforms: MS MOM, BMC PEM, and CA UNICENTER.


Ten Square, Inc., San Jose, CA                                                                                                2000 – 2001

Manager, Field Systems

·         Directed team of 5 engineers, which performed remote diagnostics and maintenance tool development for local site servers deployed at customer sites.

·         Developed remote software distribution patches and upgrades, built engineering and source control for both field and server development, system and clearcase and performed release management.


Bridge Information Systems, Inc., Palo Alto, CA                                                                     1996 – 2000

Principal Software Engineer

Projects included:

·         Bridge Data Integration Framework (Technical Lead):  End to end design and implementation of COM plugins serving real time data from the Bridge Trading Room System (BTRS) financial data integration platform to BridgeStation7, Bridge’s next generation client workstation. 

·         Designed and implemented a Java version of the BTRS publishing API’s as part of a prototype Java BTRS platform.  Supported communication with both Java and legacy C base routing/filtering software.


Barra, Inc., Berkeley, CA                                                                                            1994 – 1996

Senior Research Analyst                                                                                           

·         Designed and implemented C++ based fixed income analytics library and SYBASE risk metrics database, coded and debugged C++ diagnostics library routines used to validate and test COSMOS risk models, and designed database schema and stored procedures along with query optimization for Barra’s fixed income and equities database. 


Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL                                                                 1991 - 1994

Staff Scientist, Reactor Analysis

·         Implemented an Oracle-based fast reactor fuel inventory system, researched an implemented reactor core calculation framework (VARIANT), and served as a team liaison with Argonne-West (Idaho site) personnel for code requirements and specifications, as well as testing and training issues.



¨       Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL   

¨       M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

¨       B.S., Nuclear Engineering (with honors), Northwestern University, Evanston, IL